Week 328 Menu: Back to School

Hi everyone!  Summer has officially ended at our house.  The kids went back to school yesterday and the weather is turning fallish.  I snapped this picture on the way to the bus stop this morning.
Things at my house are a little different this school year. My daughter headed off to middle school for 6th grade. She leaves a full hour earlier than the boys leave. This is making me rearrange my exercising schedule. I'm just going to have to get up even earlier now, I guess. That means I need to go to bed earlier than midnight.  Ha!

My boys are starting at a new school that is closer to our house.  The school was full when we moved to Washington in January.  They're happy to be there, but it's kind of like starting over again...learning new teacher's and fellow students names, bus numbers, school layout, etc.  I'm very happy because the kids ride the bus to and from school.

It's nice to have all day with just me and my two year old.  He cries a lot less without his siblings bugging him.  I'm sure he misses them though.  It sure is quiet with just him at home.   I have a lot more flexibility now without morning kindergarten pickup.  

Anyway...let's talk about menu planning.  I posted my menu last week and I followed it exactly!  I don't always do that, but it worked out great last week.  I've got to get this week planned out so I can head to the grocery store.

Last minute I made orange chicken instead of going out to eat to celebrate back-to-school (I ate a few pieces of chicken, but mostly ate sauteed garden veggies...yum!)

We get to have the missionaries over for dinner.  We're having french dip sandwiches, roasted new potatoes from the garden and sweet potatoes, fresh green beans and cherry tomatoes and fruit.  Warm chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Spaghetti with homemade roasted tomato sauce (spaghetti squash for me, noodles for the family), garlic bread, green salad, fruit

Pan fried new potatoes, chicken sausage, peppers and onions with homemade ranch for dipping

Crockpot taco soup (without meat and cheese for me)

Ham, potatoes, one hour rolls, salad and garden veggies (I'll just eat less of the high cholesterol items and eat more veggies)

What about you?  What are you eating this week?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do!

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