Week 327 Menu: Last Week of Summer Break

Every blog post needs a photo, right?  We went to the Oregon Coast a few weeks ago and my sis-in-law and I went running on the beach.  We stopped for a picture.  I'm smiling, can't you tell?  

Hi everyone!  This is our last week of summer break.  My kids go back to school on Sept 1st.  I have mixed feelings about school starting.  It'll be a good thing, I think!

I went to middle school orientation for my 6th grade daughter last night and had more mixed feelings about it.  I had some flashbacks of my middle school experience, especially when I was sitting in the band room.  Weird.  I'm happy that my daughter's teachers seem really great and excited to be teaching.  But I wonder why some of the kids are trying to look and act like they're 16, when they're really only 11.  Seriously, don't grow up so fast!  

Anyway...I've been horrible at menu planning the last month or two for several reasons.
1.  My garden has been producing like crazy and I'm scrambling to keep up with all of it.  I've been blanching and freezing, and slicing and eating and trying to give away our extra green peppers, squash and zucchini and green beans.
2.  My husband has been on travel a few times.  Why make dinner that no one wants to eat, but me?  The kids didn't complain too much.
3.  I've still been trying to eat better and naturally lower my cholesterol.  Sometimes this causes my brain to freeze and I have a really hard time of thinking of things to make for dinner that don't include anything that I "shouldn't" eat.  Then we just end up eating cereal and oatmeal for dinner.
4.  We've gone on a few quick vacations in the last few weeks.  I'm still wishing that we were at the Oregon Coast (above picture).

After a really lame, late-night dinner of grab-what-ever-you-want-or-have-oatmeal after soccer practice and middle school orientation last night, I am determined to make a good menu for the rest of the week.  I'm also determined to grocery shop thoroughly for the meals and actually make them!  Wish me luck.

Menu time:

Tuesday:  fresh salmon (sweetly delivered to me from my neighbors) using this recipe, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh green beans from the garden

Wednesday:  grilled greek chicken, fresh garden veggies and homemade ranch, grilled naan from costco with a little garlic/butter (or actually smart-balance instead of butter...a little heart-healthier)

Thursday:  homemade grilled pizza, pepperoni for the kids, recreating this chicken and veggie pizza I posted on instagram a month or two ago.

Friday:  honey lime chicken enchiladas for the family and quinoa black bean honey lime enchiladas for me (I made these a month or so ago and posted a pic on instagram.  It was SOOO good!  I didn't miss the meat or cheese).  I'm going to be brave and make some green chile sauce from our pluthora of anaheim chiles from our garden.   Hopefully it's not too spicy.

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  balsamic beef kabobs, grilled veggies (most likely corn or green beans), grilled naan

Monday (Back-to-school Eve):  baked orange glazed meatballs, rice or quinoa, stirfried veggies (squash, green beans, sweet onions, carrots, etc.)

Phew, that was hard!  But it's so nice to have it all planned out!  What about you, what are you eating this week?  Are you back in school or still enjoying summer?

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