Week 326 Menu: Normal food for my family and no cholesterol for me

Hi there!  I've been struggling planning my menus the last few weeks.  I have been trying to eat no dairy, meat, processed foods and being careful with saturated fat, etc with hopes to naturally lower my cholesterol.  Basically I've been eating a lot of veggies (from my garden...yay!), hummus, oatmeal with almond milk, quinoa, and handfuls of almonds.  (I've been posting a few pictures on instagram of my "healthy" meals....like honey lime quinoa black bean enchiladas and these spiralized zucchini noodles.)

It's definitely been an interesting few weeks.  My husband was gone on travel for work all last week, so I made the kids whatever they wanted for dinner and I ate whatever I wanted (this is why I didn't post a menu).

I've been struggling trying to plan meals in advance.  I think it'll get easier once I find more recipes that I can adapt for me and that my family will like.  I'm buckling down right now to plan out the rest of my week.

Here we go...

Family:  pizza (I'd spent all day in the kitchen, baking bread, making jam and roasting, slicing, freezing green chiles from our garden).
Me:  hummus and veggies, grapes

Family:  Asian BBQ chicken, whole wheat cous cous, watermelon and fresh green beans from our garden.
Me:   whole wheat cous cous, green beans, and sauteed zucchini/yellow squash and some watermelon.

Family:  taco soup.
Me:  I'll have taco soup without the meat, cheese and sprinkled with my favorite "healthy" chips from Costco, Late July brand.

Family:  sesame chicken salad made with whole wheat pasta and spinach for the family.
Me:  I'll have salad sans chicken.

Family:  grilled salmon, rice, garden veggies.
Me:  salmon, quinoa and garden veggies.

Family:  chicken fajitas.
Me:  Fajita with just mushrooms, peppers and onions instead of meat, no cheese, and fresh salsa made from my garden and avocado.

Family:  marinated steaks, homemade fries, garden veggies and fruit
Me:  I'll have sauteed mushrooms, sweet potato fries, garden veggies and fruit.

Wow, that was hard!  I know I could make my family eat what I'm eating, but dinnertime is already full of complaints from my littles as it is.  Hopefully taking baby steps towards them eating what I'm eating someday.  Not vegan though...no one should have to be eating vegan if they don't want to.  I miss butter.

What are you guys eating this week?

Have a great one!

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