Week 322 Menu

Hi guys!  How can it be that it is already June 1st?  That means we've lived in Washington for five months now!   Crazy. 

I have so many things I've been wanting to blog about, but haven't made it to the computer yet.  Like my first trip to Seattle, how my new "diet" is going, yummy recipes,  etc. 

This week is totally crazy.  We have something every night and my son is doing games/practices for three different sports all in the same week, plus a piano recital, middle school orientation, fun stuff at school, etc.  I'm trying to simplify as much as possible. Menu planning is a must this week or we'll be eating oatmeal every night.

So, here comes my menu for the week.  Hopefully I'll get to blog about other stuff soon.  :)

Here goes... (recipes found on my recipe page.  I'm typing on my phone and don't want to hassle with links.  Sorry!)

Monday:  bbq beef on pretzel rolls

Tuesday:  meatball sandwiches

Wednesday:  taco soup

Thursday:  grilled Greek chicken in pitas

Friday:  chicken tortellini soup

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  grill something,  maybe pizzas

This week's menu is pretty heavy on carbs.  I've been eating way less bread than normal.  And I've been trying to eat totally cholesterol free lunches and breakfast so I can eat with my family semi-normally at dinner. 

What are you making this week? 

I know some of you are in summer mode already.  We still have two fill weeks of school. I don't mind too much,  but my kids might.  

Have a great week!