Week 315 Menu

Hi guys!  How's it going? 

 I'm pretty good, especially for a Monday.  I'm doing a FitBit challenge with some friends and their friends that starting this morning and holy cow, I'm already tired!  It's going to be a fun week!  They're really stepping it up like crazy.  

How was your weekend?  Too short?  Mine was!  

Here's a little picture of my littlest on Saturday.  He loves his vacuum attachment.  It doubles as a lawn mower and many other things.  :)

I have a ton to do today and I'm trying hard to not snack excessively today.  I've found that when I have a lot to do, I tend to oversnack on anything salty, crunchy or chocolatey that I can find.  Not a good combination.  I'm trying hard to overcome this.  Mind over stomach, right?  

If you have a favorite healthy snack or lunch, I'd love to hear about it.  :)  My new favorite is greek yogurt with honey.  Yum! 

All righty.  Menu time:

Monday:  Waikiki meatballs

Tuesday:  hot dogs or brats

Wednesday:  chicken tortilla soup

Saturday:  white chicken chili and cornbread

Sunday:  Dr. Pepper Pork, roasted potatoes, etc.

What are you making this week?  Thanks to those sweet Baker gals for sharing their menus last week.  :)