Week 314 Menu: and a little peek at what we've been up to

Phew, it's not Thursday yet... Not quite.  If I post my menu on Thursday then it means that I'm really not with it.  :)  Wednesday night is totally fine.  I like posting on Monday, but sometimes the week gets away too fast.

Here's a few things that we've been doing lately:
1.  Playing in the mud and watering the "baby" flowers.
2.  Cleaning up a huge pile of leaves.  Our yard is huge and needs lots of cleaning up from winter (and previous owners).
3.  Being on national TV during the Jazz game. #jazztv
4.  Watching choo choos from our front yard.
5.  Holding hands and not fighting long enough for me to take a picture.
6.  Trying out our new curling wand.  I'm probably the last person to get one of them, but it's pretty fun.  This is as curly as my hair has ever been...don't know why I have stick straight hair while my mom and sisters have curly.  :)
7.  Munching on popcorn.  (Have I mentioned that these boys are busy?)
8.  Making homemade bread that no one wants to eat.  They'll take Grandma Sycamore's White Bread any day.  :)

Baseball started this week, so with three practices, two games, scouts, activity days, a chorus concert, volunteering in the classroom, finally doing our taxes and attempting to finish the laundry, it's been a little busy.  It'll get busier next week when the other two kids start activites.  Can't wait!  :)  Bring on the freezer meals.

Anyway...menu time:

Monday:  we had friends over for dinner...we had Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, cream gravy, salad, cloud light crescent rolls

Tuesday:  we had leftover meatballs

Wednesday:  BBQ chicken pizza and pepperoni pizza

Thursday:  dan dan noodles

Friday:  easy night

Saturday:  Chinese chicken salad

Sunday:  to be determined as a family (to cut down on the complaining)

What are you having this week?  Or what have you eaten so far?  Feel free to share, even if it's cereal, leftovers or breakfast for dinner (my favorite meals!).



  1. Glad you guys are getting into the swing of things!! We had to cut way back on activities this year since I was going crazy! :) You are super mom! We have a bunch of extra stuff going on this week to bring food to...I always have a hard time menu planning or making my shopping list when that happens. I'm glad you have your blog so I can write it all out. Then it's not so intimidating.

    Here's our menu:
    Mon: Chicken club pasta salad, raspberry pie (we went to a potluck FHE with a few other families)
    Tues: Grilled sausage, leftover pasta salad, cottage cheese, cantaloupe
    Wed: Sweet and spicy stir fry, rice, salad
    Thurs: broccoli cheese soup, rolls, spinach salad (I'm making this for the R.S. activity)
    Fri: Grilled cheese
    Sat: Leftovers and chocolate cream pie for pi day!
    Sun: Baked linguini, asparagus (since we never got to it last week)

    1. Julia, I wish I could have eaten your yummy food last week. Sounds delish!

  2. Oh my goodness, I have been so bad about menu planning lately. Like, for months, maybe. I need to get it together.

    M: I was gone getting my hair cut and everyone scrounged (just like we'd done on Saturday ... and on Sunday ... blah) - mac and cheese and cereal; I think I had a BLT)
    T: chicken bacon alfredo bake with garlic bread and frozen veggies
    W: French toast, grapes, strawberries
    Th: I'm going to a RS dinner and the rest of the family is eating spaghetti or something
    F: probably chicken and rice soup with rolls? It's supposed to rain and I have a bunch of shredded chicken to use up.
    Sa: chicken tostadas or chicken taquitos, with Southwestern salad (beans/corn/tomatoes ... it's kind of a Cowboy caviar). And Oreo pi for Pi Day!
    Su: homemade pizza? That shouldn't be too complicated.

    Thanks; it feels good to have a few days planned out at least!

    1. Good to know that I'm not the only one that makes everyone scrounge for dinner. Happens more often than I plan. :) Oreo pie sounds yummy!

  3. What, no mention of pi day? :)

    1. I love pi day! So much more fun than St. Patrick's Day coming up.


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