Week 308 Menu

Hi there! Since every post is better with a picture, here's a silly cell phone pic for you of the drawer of my fridge. I can't seem to keep it stocked with Tillamook yogurt for long. My family devours it. It's yummy!

It's Monday, I'm trying hard to get organized.  Most of our new house is unpacked, at least the parts of the house that we use daily. I need to hang up my menu board, bulletin board and all our clocks.  I'm making responsibility charts for my kids, dish washing charts, doing laundry and making my menu.  I'm ready for routine and schedule and my kids are too.  

I'm also ready to try to only go to the grocery store once this week instead of going to a different grocery store every day.  It's been tricky figuring out where I want to shop after having shopped at the same place in New Mexico for the last eight years.  I posted on facebook the other day that I was happy to discover Winco, after trying more than five other grocery stores nearby since we moved here.  

I'll be glad when we all finally are in a routine and things feel familiar.  :)

Menu planning time:

Monday:  tacos

Tuesday:  chicken noodle soup with my favorite whole wheat bread

Wednesday:  porcupine meatballs with rice 

Thursday: Lorene's chicken

Friday: pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw

Saturday:  easy night

What are you making this week?  (Thanks Wendi and Beth for sharing last week!)  



  1. Haha... with the monster storm hitting us today, I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup and bread that I hope will mean I don't have to cook again until Thursday. I think then Thai curry with fish sounds nice and Friday is pizza day! Jenny, I feel I should apologize for not telling you sooner about Winco... totally dropped the ball forgetting to tell you about my favorite non Costco store!

  2. More than one store to shop at? Crazy!! :) Sounds fun to me!

    Here's our menu for the week:
    Monday: Feed the Missionaries (Pasta Fagioli, tossed green salad)
    Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken lettuce wraps
    Wed: Ground turkey stir fry
    Thursday: Bruschetta chicken with zucchini noodles
    Friday: Omelets
    Saturday: Freezer Meals
    Sunday: Jalapeno cream cheese chicken, mixed green salad


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