Old School. New School.

Hi guys!  Are you waiting for an inspiring menu post?  Ha! Looks like it might not happen this week.  My menu is turning out to be whatever we find from Costco.  :)  (I'd love ideas if you have favorite quick dinners from there.)

Anyway...I have school on my mind the last three days.  My kids just started at a new school here and it's very much different than our school in New Mexico.  I thought I'd do a "Old School.  New School."  post so my kids can remember both.

Disclaimer:  I LOVED our school in New Mexico.  The kids had a great experience and wonderful teachers and staff.

Old School:  All day kindergarten.
New School:  Half day, I pick him up at 11:47.

Old School:  Snacks twice a day.
New School:  No snack (at least not in kindergarten, so my kindergartener is ravenous when I pick him.)

Old School:  School lunch looked less than desirable, so we packed lunches every day.
New School:  School lunch has four entree choices daily.  And is two dollars cheaper than old school.

Old School:  Kids ate lunch in the gym.  Parents could join them.  (I LOVED doing this.)
New School.  Kids eat in their classroom.  Parents can join them, but my third grader thinks this might be embarrasing.)

Old School:  Old building.
New School:  Newer building, but the kids tell me the bathrooms are stinky.

Old School:  Start time 8:15.  End time 3:20.
New School:  Start time 8:40.  End time 3:17.  (I LOVE the later start.)

Old School:  P.E. and music once a week.
New School:  P.E. and Music twice a week.

Old School:  Art (with a FABULOUS teacher).
New School:  No art special.

Old School:  Out at noon on Wednesday (I loved this because I didn't have to pack lunches).
New School:  Out at 2:00 on Wednesday.

Old School:  Smaller class size (only 14 kids in my 3rd graders class and 20+ in the other kids classes).
New School:  Bigger class size (largest is 28 kids in 5th grade and lower 20s in the other kids classes).

That's all for now.  The new school seems great.  The kids' teachers are nice and the kids are making friends, although some of the kids can't remember many names yet.  Kind of tricky moving in the middle of the school year, but we'll survive and hopefully the kids will thrive!  (Couldn't resist the rhyme!)