Bits & Pieces 15th Edition: Not in New Mexico Anymore

Hi guys!  Happy Friday!  I thought I'd do a really quick Bits and Pieces post.

First things first.  Can we talk about the Seahawks?  Holy cow!  It's crazy to live in a place where people actually care about sports and are passionate about their team and we live four hours from Seattle!  It's especially weird since I just moved from a town of scientist and engineers who for the most part aren't really sporty.  I love running errands around town and seeing everyone in their Seahawks gear, especially the cute great-grandma and grandpa age people!
I pass this sign at least four times a day.  I love the Seahawk pride!

I made our favorite chocolate chip cookies this week.  They didn't work out the best.  I seriously can't get used to my new oven.  I can't burn the bottom of cookies!  I've had a gas oven for the last six years and switching to a smaller electric oven is not going so well for me.  And the altitude change from 7400 ft to 550 is messing me up too.

I also made our favorite whole wheat bread this week too.  And I can't wait to make more!  It's still as easy, fast and super soft as it was last time I made it.  My kids are whining because I was nice and bought WHITE Grandma Sycamore bread for a few weeks and they don't want to eat wheat bread.  But they also whine about other food that I think is pretty yummy, like homemade noodles.  Seriously...crazy kids!

Alrighty...have a great weekend!  I've got to tackle the boxes in the basement!  And go HAWKS!


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