Week 306 Menu and a Holiday Update

Wow, time is really flying by! Only a few more days and we'll actually be in Washington. We'll be getting settled in our temporary housing where we'll stay for a few weeks until we close on our house. But as of next Monday, we'll be right back into school, homework and basketball practice. I'm excited to show the kids around our new town (and figure out where things are myself). Thank goodness for Google Maps and GPS!

We had a great Christmas.  It was a bit more relaxed than we planned since we've been fighting the flu off and on for a while.  Just stayed at home and played Lego CHIMA.

I've posted more pictures on Instagram of our holiday fun.  (Just a little reminder that I LOVE Instagram and we should be friends.  I love it so much more than Facebook!  So much simpler and happier and less notifications.)

Back to Christmas...I read a whole book (!) The Snow Child Christmas Day since I wasn't feeling super great.  Have you read it?  I'd love to talk to someone about it.  It was a fun, winter-time book.

I got to spend time with my whole family on Saturday.  Everyone was there! (I'm usually the one that isn't there when they get together.)  Good times!  Wish it happened more often.
My sweet dad and my two year old!  I love this picture.  
Since we only have a few more days in Utah with family our days are getting busy trying to fit time in with everyone.  But, I'm still menu planning a little bit.  I think I can get away with only planning two meals this week for our last few days in Utah.

I'm thinking I'd like to make Swedish meatballs for everyone that might be at my in-laws house (where we're staying) this week.  I'm going to IKEA tomorrow, so I can grab some lingonberry preserves and gravy packets for our meal.

And then for New Year's Eve, I've been craving a good pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw.  Walmart has the best rolls that would be delicious for this.  :)  I also might want to make some veggie pizza, little smokies wrapped in bacon, and my sister-in-law, Maggie's cheeseball, because it's super yummy.  Maybe some pepperoni bread too.  And I haven't even thought about sweets to make yet.  :)

Anyway...enough from me.  I'd love to hear from you (especially you New Mexico friends that tell me that you check my blog...I'm missing you!).  How was your Christmas?  What are your New Year plans?  Are you on vacation and not cooking?

Happy New Year everyone (just in case I don't blog again between now and then)!  Thanks for being my blogging friend!