Week 303 Menu: Instead of cooking we are...

Hi guys!  Boy, are we getting spoiled this week, especially me because I don't really have to cook at all.  This is our last week in our little town with our friends, so it's pretty much a party week.

Our friends that we're staying with are so sweet.  It's like living with some super cool, really nice inlaws.  They are totally spoiling us, keeping us well fed and very well entertained too.

I don't know about you, but usually I don't walk into the kitchen in the morning and find bread already in the bread machine with softened butter and jam.   Like I said, I'm getting spoiled.

I might blog about more fun stuff we've been doing and some fun traditions that our host-friends have for Christmas.

This is what my menu is looking like:

Monday:  we're having yummy turkey noodle soup that our host-friend made.  I'm making one hour rolls to go with it.

Tuesday:  dinner with friends

Wednseday:  crockpot stew that is already planned and shopped for, I just have to stick it in the crockpot.

Thursday:  dinner with more friends

Friday:  easy night with the kiddos

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  we're out of here! and :(

How about you?  What are you making (or eating without making it) this week?