Week 302 Menu and BIG NEWS

Hi guys!  WEll, its's been a bit of a crazy last week or so for our family.  Are you ready to hear our big news?

We're moving!  We're leaving New Mexico and moving to Washington in January.  We were lucky enough to sell our house (that we worked our tails off to remodel the last three years) right away.  We closed on it yesterday, so now we are officially homeless for a month or so.

We have some super sweet friends that are letting us stay with them for the next two weeks while we're still in New Mexico.  Then we'll pull the kids out of school and say goodbye to all of our friends and vacation for a few weeks until we head to Washington in time to start school in January.

Definetly bitter sweet emotions going on here.

My husband and I have moved 11 times in the 13 years that we've been married, but we've lived here for almost 8 years now (just in different houses).  This will be our first move with making the kids switch schools and leave their friends.

We've been very blessed and through lots of prayer and help from the Lord things are working out smoothly.  We aren't moving because we hate it here or we don't have a job.  It's just a good opportunity and the right timing for our family to move (especially since my daughter will be in middle school next year!).

However, I'm super sad to leave all of my sweet friends and our wonderful community.  Since we haven't had family close to us, we've really relied on friends for everything.  Thank goodness for facebook and instagram, so we really don't have to say goodbye.

Yesterday was really bittersweet as the movers loaded all of our stuff up into the moving van and we emptied our house.  We've put lots of blood, sweat and tears into it and we have loads of wonderful memories from the last three and a half years of living there.  Leaving a rental house isn't quite the same for me as it is leaving a home that you own and put your mark on.

It made it a little easier to move, since as we were finishing up with the movers, the new owners were waiting outside asking when we were going to leave.  (Awkward!)

Anyway...I snapped some cell phone pictures of my kids playing on the computer in our empty living room yesterday after school.  Our sweet neighbor brought over some yummy brownies, so thankfully my kids wouldn't starve like they thought they were going to because the cupboards were empty.

My heart is so full of different emotions, sadness to leave this chapter of our life, excitement looking forward to our new adventure, gratitude for all those that have done things for us and offered anything we need.

Anyway...Here's my attempt at taking a last picture of the kiddos in front of our house.  (My five year was enjoying me telling him to stop jumping because he was making the picuter blurry.  Love five year olds!)  I'm gonna miss this view with the front door, windows, trim and siding that we installed and I painted.  Maybe someday I'll post a before picture....
We're not leaving town for another two weeks, so since we won't have a home to take care of and pack up, we can focus on enjoying our friends and favorite places a little longer.

And of course it's menu time.  Our friends that we're staying with work full-time so I figure I should probably make dinner.  :)  I'll plan three meals and go from there.

Honey-lime enchiladas
Taco soup
BBQ chicken tinfoil dinners

What are you making this week?  And forgive me for totally skipping Thanksgiving talk.  Maybe I'll post about it tomorrow.  Moving is on my mind today.