Week 299 Menu

Hello there!  It's week #299 this week!  That's kind of a lot of menus.

To celebrate the big 300th menu next week, I'm going to have a giveaway for one of my most favorite kitchen things of all.  It's totally not sponsored, because my little blog isn't to that point...yet.  Ha!  But I love you all that read my blog, because I'm pretty sure more people than just my mom check it occasionally.  (Hi Mom!)

Anyway...how was your Halloween?  We had a really fun weekend.

My kids were really happy with their costumes, except maybe my little guy.  He ended up being a lion, but wouldn't hold still for a good picture.  He's picky about his clothes, but I'm really happy he wore a costume because he looked cute and it kept him warm.

We ended up with wayyyyy too much candy.  I think party of that was from my little almost two-year-old saying "ti treat" over and over while reaching up with his hand at every door.  He got extra candy at lots of houses.  Our neighborhood is the best to trick-or-treat in though, not too many kids and lots of sweet people with lots of chocolate.

What do you do with your Halloween candy?  Do you let your kids each keep their stash and gorge for a few days?  Do you buy it back from them and give them money in exchange?  Do you stash it in the freezer and use the good candy bars in treat baking?

We dump all of ours into a giant pile and sort it into two piles...good chocolate candy and the other candy.  Then I separate all the stuff I know no one likes and put it in a bag for my hubby to take to work.  He has a paper grocery bag filled with candy to take with him.  We weighted it and it weighs 8 lbs!  I think I might need to send some good candy with him too.  Otherwise I'll keep sneaking reeses peanut butter cups and kit-kats from the stash while the kiddos are at school (or in the other room).

I've been having a hard time menu planning lately, because it's seems like all the kids have become increasingly more picky.  The only meals that make them all happy are pizza and orange chicken.  Both of which we have had a lot.  My five year old only wants meatballs and the rest of his food as plain as can be.

I'm not going to menu plan totally around a five year old, so I guess I'll just prepare myself for our dinner time battles that are coming this week.

Monday:  broccoli cheese soup in bread bowls

Tuesday:    cafe rio pork salad

Wednesday: crockpot baked potatoes and all the fixings

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: chicken salad wraps

Saturday: breakfast for dinner

Sunday:  pork chops and mashed potatoes

What are you having this week?  How was your Halloween?