Looking Back on October

Can you believe that today is already November?  Where did October go?  I thought I'd do a little recap of what I blogged about in October.

I actually posted all four weeks worth of menus.

Menu for  Week #298 and a little about doughnut making. (apparently I really liked Week 296 because I typed the wrong number in my photo last week.  Should have been week 298!)

Menu for Week #297 and a few pictures from my weekend trip to Washington.

Menu for Week #296 and a little about doughnut making.

I'm looking forward to posting week #300 in a little over a week!  I've got a fun giveaway planned and I'm really excited about it!  Don't miss it!

I posted two recipes.  One for sweet crepes (my kids favorite breakfast).  My 5 year old asks me almost every morning to make him crepes, but I usually just make him malt-o-meal instead.  :)  Maybe tomorrow I will.

I also posted a recipe for brownie pudding!  I think we might need to make some tomorrow for Sunday dessert.  I've got some vanilla ice cream waiting for it.  

I posted three Bits and Pieces posts (fun things that I want to share usually on a Friday).

And a Happy Halloween post yesterday!

I also addressed the solution to helping your house from smelling like onions for days.  :)  (A serious problem, I know.)

And lastly, I posted some thoughts about how to distance yourself from your smartphone in preparation for a Relief Society lesson I was teaching in church.  The lesson was great and we had some good discussion.  
I guess that was October!  November is going to be a crazy, busy month.  I'm afraid it's going to fly by too fast.  At least we get an extra hour tomorrow with day lights savings time, right?

Have a great rest of your weekend!  I'll be back on Monday to post (and plan) my menu for the week.


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