Did you notice? New Look

Hi guys!

I decided to ignore the laundry, breakfast dishes and the shower this morning and give my blog a little update.

What do you think of my new header?
Big thanks to my sweet friend, Stephanie for taking our family pictures over the weekend.  You can see some on my ABOUT ME page.

I've been gradually making improvements on my blog, like my recipe index I finished a month or so ago.

I need to do an update on our DINNER IDEA list.  I refer back to it almost every time I menu plan.

Still some work to do to update my other pages, like crafts and tips.  Fun stuff!

Did you notice the new things on the sidebar?

You can click on this over on the sidebar to see all my menus since 2008!

And click on this one over there for my favorite freezer food ideas.

Kind of fun.  Now I've gotta get off of this computer.  Have a good day!