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All righty, folks.  Hold onto your hats, because I actually read another book.  Yep, I read a book.  I love reading, but reading a physical book has taken a backseat to all the millions of other things I've been doing since I became a mom ten years ago.

Now that three of my four kids are in school all day, lunchtime is really quiet.  Most of the time my toddler is already asleep, but if he's not he doesn't make much noise.  This is a perfect time to read an actual book, instead of checking facebook or feedly or instagram.  (Much more satisfying too.)

I've done a few other "What We've Been Reading" posts in the past.  You can see them here

I just posted a few weeks ago about a few books that I listened to over the summer.

Anyway...My friends read this book for their book club during the summer.  I say "their" book club, because I haven't gone in a few years.  I would love to go, but honestly, they meet on the busiest day of the month and all I want to do at 8:00 when they meet is finish the laundry and dishes and go to bed.  Anyway...I read this book and really enjoyed it.

My kids have been reading a lot too.  

Here's my eight year old son's favorite series lately.  We've read a few together outloud.  My son has read some by himself.  And my kids have listened to the audio book version of them while they play legos.  

My ten year old daughter reads more books than I can keep up with, but her current favorite series, is Goddess Girls.  I haven't read them, but she loves them.  I used to think that I'd read all the books that my kids were reading.  Ha!  I'm glad that I can't keep up with them because they read so much.

We just got this book from the library.  My five year old son (and I) love Tedd Arnold's books.  We love Parts and all the Fly Guy books.  This book is fun for a new reader, like my son.  It has just a few words, great pictures, and is repetitive so the kids can "help" you read.

So, that's what we've been reading at our house lately.  Any favorite books at your house lately?



  1. Oh man, how did I miss this post?? Thanks for the Jack Stalwart recommendation (looks like something my nine-year-old son will gobble up -- maybe I can get my seven-year-old to look at them, too?? Let's hope). My seven-year-old and four-year-old will probably love that Tedd Arnold book; thanks. And my nine-year-old has read a similar series by Holub that's more boyish -- Heroes in Training (for when your boys get bigger).

    You are so right -- I used to think I'd pre-read everything my kids read; but there is no way. NO way!! I sometimes flip through and skim and I have to go off of my gut. Also: you are right, that I should be reading MORE books and LESS Facebook! "Satisfying" is a good way to put it!!

    I read aloud the Moongobble and Me series to my kids this summer (well, technically we still have to read #5), about a magician-in-training (he's not a great magician, and accidentally turns things into cheese) and his apprentice. It would be good for independent readers, too, around age 7 and up. Good themes but just enough dumb jokes to appeal to kids.

    My son read The Secret Garden at school and he liked it pretty well, I think. I started reading it (I haven't read it since I was a kid ... did I even read it all the way through back then??) and it's wonderful so far.

    My nine-year-old also LOVED Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library this summer. I didn't think it was all that great, but I can see how it would appeal to kids.

    We are friends on Goodreads, so maybe this is repeat for you -- but here's some more books I've liked:
    ~The Geography of You and Me (super fluffy YA romance, that's actually CLEAN!)
    ~Same Kind of Different as Me (true story, a fast read with interesting themes)
    ~Daddy-Long-Legs (a classic that's free on Kindle -- kind of like You've Got Mail meets Anne of Green Gables)
    ~The Poisonwood Bible (this one's a brick, but I LOVED the writing -- it was our book club read over the summer; we always pick a long one and take a few months to get through it)


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