Week 293 Menu

Happy Monday!

Today has been a great day so far.  It was kind of misty and rainy this morning, but now in true New Mexico style we have beautiful blue sky.  I was able to help in my son's kindergarten class for the first time, had a nice visit with my friend, talked to my mom on the phone, and maybe I'll finish the laundry before school is over.  My little guy and I sliced a bunch of apples and are enjoying the smell of them drying in the food dehydrator.

We had a nice, relaxing weekend.  Just homecoming festivities on Friday, a soccer game, cleaning the house, playing with our friend's puppy, a birthday party, etc.

Yesterday at church I taught the Relief Society lesson (to the women) about loving the Lord and keeping his commandments.  It was wonderful to study the words of a prophet and in the scriptures over the weekend preparing for the lesson.  I was reminded that it's not easy trying do be Christ-like everyday, but we can do a little better today than we did yesterday.  And better tomorrow than we do today.  If we do all the Lord has asked, then he'll give us all he has.

This morning I read a blog post over at Kevin and Amanda about Amanda's visit to Amsterdam and her tour through Corrie ten Boom's home.  I've heard her story in church several times, mostly about when she was able to forgive a former Nazi guard (she was a Christian and was imprisoned for hiding Jews).  I hadn't read her book, The Hiding Place, yet, but I just downloaded it from my library so I can listen to it.

Anyway...it's nice to have things on my mind that help me try to be a little more patient and little kinder to others.

And...it's nice to have my menu planned and my shopping all done for the week.  Bring on the after school craziness!

Monday:  BBQ ribs, potato casserole, green salad

Tuesday:  french dip pitas

Wednesday:  chicken pot pie

Thursday:  pizza

Friday:  light and fluffy oat-wheat pancakes and homemade syrup

Saturday:  Mother/Daughter dinner before the General Women's Broadcast (can't wait!)

Sunday:  easy night

All righty...what's on your menu this week?  How was your weekend?  Anything on your mind today?