Week 292 Menu

This weekend was a fun one.  My husband took the two older kids hiking to the top of Wheeler Peak (the tallest mountain in New Mexico), so I got to hang out with my two youngest boys.

There was a science festival going on downtown,  so we checked it out and got to sit on this cool 3D-looking chalk art. 
On Saturday night we saw this unidentified object (a UFO) in the sky as the sun was setting.   
We looked at it under our binoculars and saw that it looked like a balloon.   I guess it was a weather balloon, which I had never heard of before. The sun was shining on it just right so we could see it. One of my sons thought it was an asteriod.  Thank goodness it wasn't.   

Here's a fun article about weather balloons.  How cool would it be to find one and get to mail it back to NOAA?

I looked out the window yesterday afternoon and saw my oldest and youngest like this.  
I love hearing my little guy say his siblings names and be so excited to play with them (most of the time).
Menu time for another week of soccer every night plus lots of other things going on.

Monday: french dip pitas

Tuesday: pork tacos

Thursday: chicken fingers, potato wedges, spinach salad

Friday:  chicken pot pie

Saturday: grill burgers and brats or some other kind of football food

Sunday: roast and potatoes

All righty...what are you making this week?



  1. I'm sad i missed the weather balloon that everyone else saw this weekend! You know the Roswell landing was dismissed as a weather balloon too ;) Here's our menu:
    Mon: Turkey Kielbasa and potato bake, salad
    Tues: Crockpot chicken and stuffing (since it never happened last week)
    Wed: Pasta w/ chicken and pine nuts, caesar salad
    Thurs: White chicken chili
    Fri: Make your own pizza
    Sat: Grilled teriyaki skewers, grilled pineapple, rice
    Sun: Beef Enchiladas, spanish rice, beans

  2. So proud of myself - I actually have a menu for this week...
    M - spicy sausage pasta
    T - turkey taco burgers
    W - ravioli
    Th - chicken pot pie
    F - pizza take out for the kids; Justin and I are going out to eat before we see "Wicked"!
    S - waffle BLTs w/egg
    S - chicken cordon bleu

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