Week 290 Menu

Hi friends!  Did you have a good Labor Day weekend?  Ours was great.  We went to the lake yesterday.  My kids had the best time rafting, swimming, eating watermelon and playing with their friends.
I have two main things on my mind today:  allergies and the end of summer.

Allergies.  I've had allergies in the past, but I've never had them this bad in the fall.  Hopefully this week they will be over.  I'm done sneezing and having everything itching and stuffed up.  Ok...complaining over.

Does summer really have to be over?  I don't remember ever mourning summer ending as much as I have this year.  Maybe it's the beautiful weather.  Maybe I'm mad that the pool is now closed, so we can't go on anymore after school swims.  Maybe it's because I'm not especially looking forward to the after school madness that will start today with soccer every day of the week, my daughter's play practice three days a week, plus homework and making my kids practice the piano and do their daily reading.  Not to mention trying to get them to make their beds in the morning and not having to run to the bus stop because we're late.  Did I mention that we now own a flute that will need to be practiced every day too? Yay!  Can't wait.

Actually, it should be fine.  Things this year are a little less crazy because I'm not teaching nine piano students anymore, so after school we come home and focus on homework and dinner before everything begins.

Anyway...that being said.  It's menu time.  Then I need to hit the grocery store.  My kids clean out the cupboards so fast these days.

Monday: easy night...at the lake

Tuesday: Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, one hour rolls

Wednesday: mexicalli taco salad

Thursday: orange chicken

Friday:  tinfoil dinners

Saturday: Grandma J's pizza

Sunday:  chicken and rice bake

All righty...what's on your menu this week now that summer is over?  Have a good one!