Bits and Pieces 8th Edition

It's Friday again!  I'm so happy to the weekend already here.

A few things to share today:

1.  I coached my first soccer game yesterday.  It was fun, but I can't even tell you how weird it is for kids (and parents) call me coach.  Only five more games to go.  I'm sure some of the dads were wonder why in the world I'm coaching.  And the reason is...that no one volunteered after being asked several times.  So, they get what they get.

2.  I posted this on instagram yesterday...
Everyone in my family gobbled these cinnamon rolls up.

3.  I think my family especially enjoyed their cinnamon rolls because apparently I made the "grossest dinner ever!"  I have to admit it wasn't very good.  I made a recipe from my Aunt Mitzi, who is a fabulous cook.   I used to make this chicken and rice bake growing up and it was good, but it wasn't good yesterday.  The rice was gobby and soggy and I'm not a fan of cream of mushroom soup anymore.  I made my kids eat one bite and then they found their own dinner.

I promised I wouldn't make it again.  I took pictures of it, but I already deleted them because they're not going to make it on the blog.

4.  Still super excited about my new recipe index.  I think my favorite part is the pictures, so I'm not just reading titles while I'm looking for something to make.

5.  I bought 30 lbs of peaches last week from Sprout's so I could bottle them.  However, they didn't really ripen and every peach I opened was brown and mealy looking inside.  Disappointing.  I'm hoping they give me a refund.  Wish I lived in Utah so I could get good peaches!

6.  I'm loving the cooler fall weather today.  Sometimes it feels really good to wear a sweatshirt.

All righty that's from me.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  What are you doing this weekend?
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