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Bits and Pieces 7th Edition: Thank goodness for Friday!

Aren't you so glad that it's Friday?  I'm ready for this weekend.  Are you?  I was feeling a little crazy and took some silly pics with my little guy.  Now you can tell where he gets his cheesy grin, right?  Ok...not really, must be from his dad. 

Some thoughts on this Friday...

1. This is our last weekend to enjoy before soccer games start.  But it's also one of our first weekends without huge house projects to do.  Did I mention that we are TOTALLY done with our house projects?  We worked like crazy all summer and now it's done, inside and out.  Now we just get to maintain and clean.  Yay!

2.  This weekend is also Stake Conference instead of our regular church meetings on Sunday.  (Stake Conference is a semi-annual area meeting for all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in our area).  My favorite part is that I get a week off from playing the organ in our regular meetings!  Yay!  And maybe I'll be spiritually uplifted and learn something too.  (I'm also glad that I'm not speaking...I got to the last time we had Stake Conference.)

3.  I really love Thursdays.  After the craziness of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, they are a welcome relief.  I usually stay at home and get a lot of cleaning done and dinner actually prepped.  Especially after my abnormally crazy Tuesday.  I'm not a big fan of Tuesdays.  

4.  I have some banana bread in the oven for my kids to scarf down when they get home from school.

5.  I'm thankful for our nice cool weather today.  I complained (or maybe even whined) to my facebook friends that it was hot, stinky and smoky the last few days.  Sorry for the whining.  

6.  I want to make these granola bars with my kids this weekend.

7.  Holy cow, I am so sore.  We had a sub teacher at the gym yesterday and holy cow...ouch!  Maybe that's what I get for being lazy and sleeping in most mornings.  If I don't work out at 6 am, I'm most likely not going to do it at all.  I'm done whining now.

8.  I posted this picture on instagram of my little guy actually playing with toys yesterday.  Most of the time he doesn't play with toys.  He just hangs on my leg, asks to watch a show, or begs for fruit snacks.  This afternoon he's been hanging out by me and playing.  So sweet!

9.  I'm a little jealous of moms that home school.  I'd love to have my kids home with me and be able to teach them.  I'd also love to not have to try to figure out what the exactly ways the teachers want homework done.  I'd love to not have a huge pile of papers on my counter every night to sort through and shred.  I'd love to know what my kids actually did all day because they "can't remember" when they get home.  I'd love to not have the hours of persuading (and begging) my kids to get their homework done and practice the piano before we have to head out for after school activities.

But...on the other hand.  I'm very glad that my kids get to go to school.  They have personalities that need to have lots of social interaction, basketball playing at recess, etc.  They each have wonderful teachers that are teaching them lots of things, not just the academics.  So, even though my kindergartener already somehow knows what the "f-word" is (eek!!!!), I'm glad that they get to go to school.  Every day is a new learning, teaching experience.  I'll just keep working on making home a safe, special place.  And hopefully I'll be more organized and calm.  

10.  My cute friend, Kylie, has started blogging more.  She is the most detail oriented person I know and it fascinates me to see things through her eyes.  Yay for blogging friends!

Have a great weekend!  


P.S.  I actually posted four times this week.  Amazing!  (My menu, my thoughts on why moms shouldn't coach soccer, our current favorite reads and this bits and pieces post).

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