Week 289 Menu

 Hi friends!  I actually had my menu for this week planned on Monday, but then I didn't get around to posting it.  I guess I was caught up in the quiet of my house with my kids gone and tackled the laundry and grocery shopping instead.  

Here's a little peek at what I've been doing the last few days:
1.  Somehow, for some reason, I volunteered to be my five year old soccer coach.  No one else was volunteering and it was supposed to start this week, so I volunteered.  My big kids are going to help me (they know lots more about soccer than I do).  I've been taking my kids to soccer practices for the last six years, so I'm sure we'll survive.

2.  We took away my baby guy's binkie this week.  I'm going to write up a little post about our method.  It's worked great for all of our kids.  He's actually much happier without his "binkie".

3.  My little guy loves to go on walks pushing his "strollo".  He can push it pretty far.  He tells me, "Mom.  Mom.  Running.  Strollo."  I love hearing him talk (especially without that binkie in his mouth).

4.  I was so excited to make creamy chicken and wild rice soup yesterday and starting chopping and prepping and then realized I was out of wild rice.  Hate it when that happens.

5.  I'm finally getting my back-to-school act together and cooked a bunch of chicken breasts (bone-in) in the crockpot yesterday.  Now I have cooked chicken ready for two more meals besides yesterdays.

6.  My little guy helped me dehydrate apples yesterday.  Helping actually meaning eating them.  My kindergartener loves dried apples for snacks anytime.

All righty...Menu time.

Friday: grilled homemade pizza

Saturday: Hawaiian Haystacks

Sunday: Beef tenderloin,  pasta with PW's tomato cream sauce

Well, now that the week is halfway over, maybe you have your menu planned too.  If you do, feel free to share your plan.  

Have a great week!



  1. I've actually menu-planned the past two weeks! It's so good to be in a routine that can include meal-planning and grocery shopping! We were scrounging for food there the last week before school started.

    I'll post two weeks for you. :-)

    M: chicken/broccoli/rice casserole / homemade rolls

    T: bacon spinach tortellini with lemon / breadsticks

    W: sloppy joes / oven fries / watermelon

    Th: homemade pizza / watermelon

    F: taco salad (with my aunt Julie's easy south-of-the-border salad)

    Sa: mac and cheese

    Su: baked potatoes (crockpot) and chili (crockpot)

    M: biscuits and sausage gravy / canned fruit / watermelon (can you tell I bought a Costco watermelon last week??)

    T: BLT Caesar salad / chicken tenders

    W: I had planned to do spaghetti but our parent/teacher conference went long and Cub Scouts met early so it was PB&J sandwiches!

    Th: Hawaiian meatballs or spaghetti (or I might cop out and do Pasta Roni, since I'm visiting teaching late and my husband's going to ward temple night)

    F: spaghetti or Hawaiian meatballs

    Sa: pizza / watermelon (I'm going to be sad when summer is over and our favorite side dish is out of season)

    Su: waffles and fruit

    M: Labor Day -- burgers?? Yeah, I think so! Fries on the side.


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