Week 288 Menu

Hi friends!  Happy Monday!  I'm still getting used to how quiet my house is right now with my three big kids being in school all day.  I'm still mourning summer being over.  Here's a few silly things to share before I get to my menu.
1.  Today was my kindergartener's first day of all-day kindergarten.  We packed up his lunch in his new Ninja Turtle lunchbox and packed his snacks.  It's been a long, quiet day without him.  Who knew a Ninja Turtle lunchbox could make me want to cry?

2.  My daughter made me a yummy birthday cake.  Texas sheet cake.  My favorite!  It's nice having a child old enough to cook.  I've got to teach her everything I know.

3.  My friend and her husband run a shave ice business during the summer.  It's so yummy!  We went on Saturday to get a treat before summer is officially over and they are closed.  My little baby guy went around to everyone in our family and begged bites, which everyone gave him happily.

4.  For my birthday we bought my favorite chicken tacos from El Parasol for lunch.  They're only open for lunch, so I don't get them very often because I don't think about going out for lunch on a normal day.  So yummy!

5.  We have a new grocery store that now has car carts.   I guess I grocery shopped a little too long the other day because my baby guy fell asleep.

6.  My kindergartener was so excited to ride the bus on the second day of school.  He didn't want me to give him a ride and I think he was a bit offended that I didn't let him ride the bus the first day of school.  You'd think he's my last child entering kindergarten, but he's not.  I'm going to need a box of tissues when all my kids are in school.

I guess for a while it's just going to me and little baby guy hanging out during hte day.  He snuggled with me on the couch this afternoon while we looked at Pioneer Woman cookbooks for menu inspiration.  So, of course, I snapped a picture of us. 

All righty...menu time.  I'm actually not teaching piano lessons any more, after almost six years of teaching, so my afternoons are going to be lots less crazy.  I think my family is expecting dinner on the table at a normal time this week since we've had a summer of quick meals and grab whatever you can find in the fridge meals.  

Monday: navajo tacos

Tuesday:  breakfast bake and smoothies

Thursday:  chicken tetrazinni

Friday:  salisbury steak meatballs

Saturday:  Hawaiian haystacks

Sunday:  tomato cream pasta with grilled beef tenderloin

That's what I'm planning this week.  How about you?  What are you making this week?

Take care!