Week 287 Menu

This week in August is always one of my favorite weeks of the year.  It's my anniversary, followed by my birthday and for the last three years it's been the first week back to school for my kids.  

This year I'm a little sad for my kiddos to go back to school.   I'm not quite ready for summer to be over.  Having them go back around my birthday just reminds me how short their summer break is.  Growing up I never went to school on my birthday.  It usually started a week or two after my birthday.  I am excited for school to start because my kids are excited. I'm excited for my new kindergartener and my kids are excited to see all their friends again.  

We'll be soaking up as much summer as we can in the next three days and try to spend lots of time at the pool.  We went over the weekend and were there by ourselves for a little while.  My kids loved it!

So, 13 years ago I got married to this really nice guy in the Manti Temple.  Flash forward 13 years and four kids, eleven moves, lots of college, lots of kid sports, and some crazy house renovations to today.  I've definitely changed a lot since when we got married.  Unfortunately, I'm definitely not as patient as I was when we were just married (blaming that on the four kids).  Anyway...I'm happy to have this guy around.  He's pretty handy, funny and is definitely my best friend.  So, happy anniversary to us!

All righty...menu time:

Monday:  some kind of anniversary dinner and maybe some peach pie

Tuesday: taco bar

Wednesday: grilled pizza

Thursday:  grill burgers

Friday:  easy night

Saturday: bistro chicken, garlic mashed potatoes

Sunday: salisbury meatballs, whole wheat egg noodles

All righty...what's on your menu this week?  When does your summer end and school start?