Road Trip Tip #2: Car Food

My kids' favorite thing about road trips is food!  We've gone on lots of long road trips, so now we have our favorite road trip food.
Favorite snacks:
Jerky (sometimes homemade)
Dried fruit - apples, mangos,  craisins,  yogurt covered raisins
Trail mix
Teddy Grahams

Cold snacks:
Fruit- grapes, sliced apples
Cheese rectangles or sticks
Yogurt - with straws to drink it with
Frozen juice boxes 

We like to pack a lunch so we can eat while we drive and not have to stop.  Or sometimes we stop at a park and picnic and let the kids get some wiggles out
Peanut butter sandwiches
Chicken salad sandwiches
Pepperoni bread
Cold pizza

Other things I like to bring:
Plastic cups (perfect for filling with snacks to hand back to the kids)
Paper plates (for their lunch)
Ziploc bags - big and small
Bag clips
Plastic utensils

On my next road trip, I'm bringing a few more things:
IKEA trays - for making sandwiches on my lap, kids to hold things on their laps
Dust buster - vacuum up crumbs
Windex and cleaning cloth - cleaning the smudges off of the inside of the windows

What are your favorite road trip foods?

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