Week 281 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!  We're just getting back into town after a fun, relaxing vacation to San Diego. 
I'd love to chat more about our vacation, but the piles of laundry and luggage are calling to me.  And my kids are dying that our fridge is empty.  If I'm lucky I'll share with you more about our trip soon.  I'm off to the grocery store.

Menu time:

Tuesday:  chicken tetrazinni

Wednesday:  grilled pizza

Thursday:  chicken fajitas

Friday:  crockpot pulled pork 

Saturday:  spaghetti

Sunday:  roast chicken and fingerling potatoes

What are you making this week?  


  1. Very fun! If you don't post about your vacation I will just have to have you over for lunch so I can hear all about it! California is so fun :) This is the first week this summer I actually got around to planning my menu so I thought I better post even though it's already Wed!
    Mon: BBQ sausage, pasta salad
    Tues: Hot Dogs, macaroni, fruit salad (The twins' bday pick)
    Wed: Lasagna, caesar salad
    Thurs: Salmon Tacos, black beans
    Fri: Easy Night
    Sat: Chicken wraps (with Wingers Sauce), sweet potato fries
    Sun: Crockpot ribs, baked potatoes, calabacitas


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