Week 280 Menu

Hi friends!   I'm taking it easy on blogging this summer (or at least I am this week).  I didn't get my menu posted last week.  We were busy with house projects,  summer fun with the kids, and we had family come to visit.

We don't have visitors very often since we live far away from all our family.   When they do come visit we love it!   The kids love to play with their cousins and I love making yummy food for us to eat.

So I am going to post what we ate last week for my menu this week to change things up a bit.

Here goes....

Monday:  tacos with homemade taco seasoning and our favorite quick salsa.

Tuesday:  pancake night, used this old favorite recipe that I haven't made for several years

Wednesday:  honey lime enchiladas and grilled corn guacamole (made a pan with corn tortillas and one with flour.  I especially love corn tortillas!)

I tried my new can of true lime crystallized lime in the guacamole and enchiladas.   Yummy! Kind of like lime salt. 

Thursday:  homemade pizza on the grill and peanut butter cookies (seriously my favorite cookie lately)

Friday: easy night

Saturday:  tinfoil dinners using 7up marinated chicken instead of bbq chicken (yum!)

Sunday:  chicken salad

All right...what did you guys eat for dinner last week? Or what are you making this week?

Have a good one!