Week 279 Menu

Hi friends!  It's finally summer!  Hooray! 

This is our first week of summer vacation and we're loving it!  I hadn't realized how burned out I was from making snacks, lunches, gathering bckpacks, getting kids to school and sports practices, etc.  We're still keep busy and have plenty to do, but I'm loving not having to wake the kids up in the mornings.

Our fridge is stocked with otterpops and ice cream, we installed our evaporative cooler (so now I can use the kitchen without overheating our house), we've already gone to the pool a few times and we're perfecting our chore chart.
We had a scary situation at our neighborhood pool yesterday that was a wakeup call for water safety.  A little boy was pulled unresponsive from the pool.  We weren't there at the time, but it made me think a lot yesterday.  I had friends call me to make sure that my kids were okay.  My family talked a lot about how to stay safe in the pool, especially with me going alone with four kids.  My baby is loving the pool, so I've been in the pool now with him a lot.  I stay close to my almost five year old too.  I told my older kids that they need to follow the buddy system.  They need to be with a friend at all times and if anything goes wrong they yell for the lifeguard.  Scary stuff!

On a lighter note...I made grilled pizza on Sunday and the crust was delcious!  I actually put my old pizza pan right on the grill grates and cooked it for five minutes.  My kids loved it!

Last night I made the Pioneer Woman's Salisbury steak meatballs and they were a hit.  The family wants to eat them again!

I decided that I better plan a whole bunch of meals and post them for my menu that should last a week or two. 

Menu time...

Monday:  we had grilled steak, steamed quinoa, veggies

Tuesday: we had pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns

Wednesday: we had salsibury steak meatballs, whole wheat egg noodles, broccoli

Other dinners for the next week or so:
chicken gyros
chicken salad pitas
Waikiki meatballs
grilled Hawaiian pizza
chicken alfredo
beef/bean burritos

All righty...menu planned.  What are you eating this week?


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