Bits and Pieces 6th Edition: Last Day of School!

Today is the last day of school!  Hooray, we made it through another school year!  It actually went by really fast.  I'm sure the summer will zip by and we'll be back in school before we know it. 

Here's my bits & pieces today:

1.  Last day as a 4th and 2nd grader.

2.  Teacher gifts.  Normally I make the kids' teachers an emergency can of chocolate and give it to them with a gift card or a chamber check (which can be used at any local businesses in town).  
This year I decided to go with a pinterest idea - TOTES!  Because every teacher can use a bag! 

I love these smaller bags that are the perfect size to fit in your purse. They recently banned shopping bags in the town where I do most of my shopping (at Sam's, Target, Lowes, etc.). I don't go there enough to remember to bring my own bag, so I need one of these small ones.

3.  Perfect day for bubbles on the deck in jammies.

4.  I'm super glad that I still have some of these yummy peanut butter cookies that I made yesterday.  (I posted this on facebook yesterday at dinnertime.)  They are seriously my favorite.  Perfectly light and fluffy!  I think I might need one now.  (My baby likes cookie dough too...does that make me a bad mom?)

Photo: Sometimes I have to just ignore everything I should be doing and feed my peanut butter cookie craving.   #cookiesfordinner  

All righty...I'm off to enjoy our last three more hours of the school year.  

What are you doing today?  Are your kids still in school?  
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