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Bits and Pieces 5th Edition

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!   I posted my menu last night at 10:30.  Better late than never, right? 

I thought it was time for another bits and pieces post.  Here's a little of what I've been doing lately. 

1.  My son turned eight last week, so he was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Sunday.  
Unfortunately he broke his arm in the last soccer game of the season on Saturday.  Since he couldn't get his splint wet, we waterproofed his arm with a newspaper plastic bag, rubber bands, and saran wrap and he still got baptized.

It was a neat baptism service.  It was special to have family and friends come to support my son on his exciting and special day!

2.  I spent a bit of time over the weekend making refreshments to serve after the baptism for our family and friends to snack on.  We were lucky to have my inlaws come.  None of my family could come. :( It was fun to make lots of treats for our friends and grandma and grandpa to eat.

I went a little crazy and made:

Little Fruit Pizzas - I used my regular recipe for fruit pizza but scooped the dough out like cookies instead of making it into a crust.

Cheesecake:  I used my favorite recipe for cheesecake.  My family didn't get our fill of cheesecake so I made some for us to eat this week.

Rolo Cookies:  I used my recipe for cake mix cookies and stuck a rolo in the middle.  My kids loved them!

Frosted Brownies:  I used this recipe from Sisters Cafe.

Lemon Bars:  I used my favorite recipe, hopefully a post will be coming soon.

3.  It's been fun having company this week.  I've had to make sure that we actually have food for lunch and a good dinner every day.  I would feel bad making Grandpa eat cold cereal for dinner.  :)

4.  My eight year old wanted a 8 shaped cake for his birthday with sports on it. (His sister had an "8" shaped cake for her birthday two years ago.)
The basketballs were easy, I bought little cake decorations at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't buy the soccer ball decorations because I thought I could make some with little oreos and frosting.  Ha!  Not so easy.

4.  Check out this shirt that I bought for my son for his birthday.  I totally did NOT read it right!  I thought it said "Beware I'm Offense".  Not the message I was going for.  We took it back to the store.  My son was very understanding.  And we talked about what the word offensive meant.  Ha! 

5.  I'm getting a new crockpot today!  I bought a new one last July from Sam's Club.  I loved it because it has a warm button on it and was nice and new.  I was super careful with it, but somehow the stoneware cracked on the bottom.  I kind of ignored it because I was sad that my new crockpot was breaking already.  Then I let my friend borrow it over the weekend and the crack spread all over.  Luckily Sam's Club still took it back, reminding me that my return period ended months ago.

I'm getting a programmable one from Amazon today.  I'll let you know how I like it.  I'm making perfect pot roast in it soon.  

6.  I've been posting more pictures on Instagram lately.  And more random snippets on Facebook too.  Feel free to follow me.

7.  Happy Mother's Day to everyone!  I'm super lucky to be surrounded with such amazing women that are amazing examples!  I have an amazing Mom, sisters, sister-in-laws, mother-in-law, other family and friends!

Here's a little shout out to my momma!  My mom is an amazing lady!  She's super talented!  She can sew anything (she made most of my dresses growing up, even my prom dress).  She spoils my kid with homemade quilts.  She can sing and dance!  She is an amazing pianist and organist!  I still feel horrible that I was such a snotty teenager when she tried to teach me how to play the organ.  She gave me one lesson and feel bad about it every week when I play the organ at church.  She makes super yummy food too.  :)  And most of all, my mom is very supportive.  She'll do anything for me and listens to me blab about how busy and crazy things are every time I call her.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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