Week 272 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!

My kids have the day off from school and will go back tomorrow after an almost two week break.  We stretched spring break out a little bit by leaving town early before spring break actually started.  I'm kind of dreading getting back into a routine, but the kids are excited to get back to school and see their friends.

Since I menu planned so late last week, I already have most of this week already planned.  I didn't make much of what I had planned.

I'm going to post the recipe for my favorite whole wheat bread tomorrow!  I haven't bought bread since December, since this bread is so easy, yummy, fluffy, fast, etc.  

Menu time.
Monday:  asian bbq chicken, whole wheat cous cous, roasted cauliflower

Tuesday: chicken tortellini soup, macaroni grill bread

Wednesday:  bistro chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, veggies

Thursday:  manicotti, breadsticks, salad

Friday:  homemade pizza

Saturday:  pre-Easter BBQ - 7up marinated chicken, grilled burgers and hot dogs, mandarin orange jello salad, chocolate creme cupcakes, etc. 

Sunday:  we ate our traditional Easter dinner last week for my daughter's birthday, so we'll have something different instead...so, TBD.

What are you making this week?  Do you make ham and potatoes for Easter dinner?  Or do you have another yummy tradition?

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  1. M: We had pork BBQ sandwiches, potato wedges, and watermelon
    T: spaghetti
    W: breakfast-for-dinner (I was going to do breakfast burritos, but unless I go to the store and buy eggs, that's not happening!)
    Th: white bean chicken chili
    F: pizza (unless the elders end up coming for dinner, and then I'll do crockpot SW chicken wraps, because that's easily doubled for a crowd)
    Sa: ham/potatoes/rolls/green beans (I'm going for Easter dinner on Saturday because Sundays are always too crazy to cook)
    Su: leftovers
    M: I want to try Julia's creamy sausage tortellini! So hopefully that. :-)


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