Envelope Pillow Covers

Hi friends!  Today I'm doing to things that I don't do often.  Sew.  And show some pictures of my house.

My husband and I have done a LOT of house projects since we bought our house three years ago.  We've torn out a 12 foot library wall, opened up a wall with a beam, replaced our kitchen, replaced all our windows and doors, painted walls, loads of trim, etc.  

Now that our house is finally looking more finished I get to start decorating.  I am NOT a decoratory kind of person, but I'm watched lots of HGTV and read lots of home blogs.  The tricky part about decorating here is we live an hour from any kind of decorating store.

A couple of weeks ago I braved Hobby Lobby with all four of my kiddos.  I bought some random lengths of fabric and decided to recover my couch pillows. 

I've been wanting to recover my pillows since the day we brought the couch home, but other projects have taken priority.  Can you see why I want to recover them?  Aren't they lovely?
I stayed up late last night and cleaned my house.  I didn't have anywhere to go this morning, so I decided to sew.  I watched this video from Teal and Lime and then got to work sewing.

Several hours later and only a few seams to rip, I finished making six envelope pillow covers.  Now I can wipe them out fast, like in 15 minutes, but that's after a lot of unpinning, etc. 
Middle pillow from IKEA, I made the other two.
I like to sew, but I'm not a perfectionist or very patient, which makes sewing kind of hard.  You can check out a few of my other projects that I've made on my "Crafty" Tab

I'm excited that these pillow covers can come off easily to throw in the washer.  After all, I've got three boys who like to wipe their noses on things and step on pillows, etc.  There are a few things about boys that I don't understand... 

These pillows should be pretty sturdy too.  And if I ever want to replace the pillow inside, I can easily change the size of the pillow cover.

All righty...better get this mess cleaned up before my family gets home.   
What about you?  Have you made pillows for your home?