Week 265 Menu

Hi friends!  Wow, can you believe it's Wednesday night and I'm just posting my menu for the week? Better late than never, I guess.  Having holidays on Monday really throw me off.  I haven't been on the computer much this week.  I've been doing laundry and cleaning and making dinner instead.

We had a nice long weekend.  The kids were home from school Friday and Monday.  We went on a few hikes and enjoyed our 60+ degree weather.

Now, since it's almost Thursday, we're back into the routine of school and other activities.  Luckily my kids don't have much homework this week (thank goodness!).  It's a nice break.

All righty...menu time:

Monday:  we had perfect pot roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy, one hour rolls, fruit, and fruit pizza (we had the missionaries and a friend over)

Tuesday:  we had french dip pitas

Wednesday:  we had creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Thursday:  marinated 7up chicken, cous cous, steamed broccoli

Friday:  homemade pizza

Saturday:  tacos 

Sunday:  breakfast for dinner, maybe German pancakes

What are you having this week?  Or what have you had so far (since the week is halfway over)?

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