Week 263 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!  I'm feeling like I need to be really productive today, after a not very productive weekend because of having a cold.  Today I'm feeling much better and am ready to get busy. 

Menu time... 

 Monday: breakfast burritos

Tuesday: broccoli cheese soup, one hour rolls

Wednesday:  feeding the missionaries, my kids have been requesting orange chicken every time I ask them what they want for dinner, so I guess I'll make it

Thursday: roasted veggies & pasta

Friday: sloppy joes, oven fries

Saturday: breakfast casserole, fruit

Sunday: Waikiki meatballs, rice, veggies

What are you making this week?  Have a good one!

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  1. So in posting from my phone and since I'm horrible at that I'll make it short and sweet!
    Mon: spaghetti, salad
    Tues: red beans and rice
    Wed: chicken and cornmeal dumplings
    Thurs: chicken puffs, cheesy rice, carrots
    Fri: tortilla soup, garlic bread
    Sat: leftovers
    Sun: crock pot carnitas, black beans, chopped salad

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