Pre-Valentine's Craziness

Holy cow, I just had a wild hour getting the kids off to school.  I think I might be able to recover from it better if I blog about it.  I probably should be cleaning up the messy kitchen instead.  Ha! 

Thank goodness I got up early and went to the gym, so my body had a jumpstart.  I've figured out how to not turn off my alarm clock in my sleep.  I put it across the room, so I have to get up to turn it off.  Have I told you how much I love going to the Insanity class at the gym?  It's hard, but I feel so good after. 

Anyway...I had an hour between the time that I got home from the gym and the time the kids needed to leave for the bus.

Here's little rundown of some of our morning:

Who's idea was it to have picture day on the same day as Valentine's parties?  What?  My kids don't have school tomorrow, so they have their parties today.

My 7 year old combed his own mohawk, because he was tired of waiting for me to comb his own hair.  It looked pretty good.

Do we really have to wear jeans without holes in the knees for pictures?  My boys make holes in their jeans the second time the wear them?

Helped my 2nd grader study for his spelling test.  He's going to nail those words!

Gathered up homework and library books.

Made my husband's lunch.  Made my daughter's lunch, but ran out of time and didn't make my son's lunch.   My friend took it to him this morning.

I made 5 batches of kettlecorn for my daughter to take to her Valentine's party this morning.  Hopefully they have enough, because I ran out of popcorn kernels.

Had a crying baby hanging on my legs.  He didn't want kettlecorn for breakfast.  Silly kid.  Ha!

I took my kids to school because they were too late for the bus.  The minute I got home the phone rang and one of my kids couldn't find her lunch box or picture money. 

All I should clean up my kitchen, take a shower, and get ready to go class parties and preschool.

Oh, one more thing.  My kids and I decided to make rubberband bracelets for their classmates for valentine's day.  That's almost 60 bracelets!  I might have been crazy to do it, but I actually really enjoyed it.

My daughter made about half of the bracelets for her class.  My 2nd grader made a few of them for his class.  I love watching my basketball-playing-always-full-of-energy boy sit down with a tiny crochet hook making bracelets for his friends.  I finished making the last of the bracelets at 11:00 last night. 

I hope the kids in their classes like them.  My kids picked out colors that each student would like.  I loved thinking about each kid in their class and talking with my kids while we made the bracelets.

Their valentine's have a little more love in them this year than just buying a box of Ironman Valentine's.  (Although I have nothing against Ironman valentines.  I'm all about convenience!)


What about you?  Did you have a crazy morning?  Do you make your own valentine's?  Do you make your kids dress up for picture day and curl their hair?  Am I the only one that forgets to make lunches some days?

Have a great day!