I have the best job ever! #mama

Every week day I have about an hour and a half all to myself. 

I drop my son off at preschool, come home and put my baby down for a nap, then I have an hour and a half to do whatever I want before I go pick the kids up from preschool.

This is usually the time where I come home and eat a snack.  Probably because I can eat whatever I want without sharing it or having a sweet baby hand grabbing it or spilling or climbing on me.  
This is also the time that I try to finish everything that I tried to do all morning.  Right now my house is full of open cupboards, toys on the floor, laundry half done, dishes halfway done, etc.  

This morning all I accomplished was starting the laundry, mending my jeans, and taking a shower.  More importantly, I should mention that I played Battleship with my four year old and made him two rubber band bracelets. Then we packed a yummy lunch and took it to my hubby's work and ate lunch with him in the cafeteria.  

While we were eating, I was noticing people walking in and out of the building.  They were looking important and official with their badges and work clothes on.  

When I got home and my "alone time" began I started thinking about how I have the best job in the world.  I'm a mama!  I've always been greatful that I've been able to stay home with kids and not had to work.  I'm sure my husband wonders some days what I've done all day.  Since the house usually looks worse when he gets home than when he left in the morning.

I laughed today as I was wiping dried salsa off of my pencil that my son gave me.  He got it in music class as a reward and gave it to me to use as my piano teaching pencil.  I wiped it clean and put it in the drawer and then decided to blog about my job.

I'm lucky that I get to play board games with my four year old.  I spend all morning trying to keep him entertained and from watching too much tv and played Where's My Water on my tablet.  I love spending time with him and I'll be sad when our days spent together end when kindergarten starts.

I've forgotten how messy babies are and how they get into everything ever.  My baby doesn't play with toys.  He'd much rather play with the dishes in the dishwasher or scoot a stool down the hall.  Although it's hard to finish anything I start when he's awake, I need to remember that these baby days won't last much longer.  

I am going to savor the moments when I can't move because he's holding onto the legs of my jeans leaving sticky handprints.  I need to cherish the snuggles that I get at naptime and remember how much he loves me (so much that he never wants to be put down).  

Now that I have twenty minutes of my alone time left, I better go ready my house for the next wave of family time together when the kids come home.  

I'm just so thankful that I get to be the mom of these four wonderful, beautiful, very forgiving, patient children.  

I'm so thankful that I even took a selfie with my messy kitchen.  Ha!