Week 262 Menu

Hi friends!  Did you have a good weekend?  It was nice to have an extra day to be together as a family.  Hopefully this week will be filled with more sleep and less crying from my baby-guy.  That will make our week more pleasant for everyone.

I tried some new recipes on Sunday and loved them.  I made slow-cooker kalua pork (from Our Best Bites), coconut rice, and Hawaiian rolls (a knock-off from King's Hawaiian rolls).  All I was missing was a nap on the beach and my Hawaiian dinner would have been even better.

All right...menu time.

Monday:  we had leftovers

Tuesday: bistro chicken, mashed potatoes, salad

Wednesday:  PW's chicken tortilla soup

Thursday:  turkey, swiss, avocado sandwiches

Friday:  spicy honey chicken salad

Saturday: easy night

Sunday: slow-cooker korean fire meat, rice, veggies

What are you making this week?