Today I...

Hi friends!  how's your weekend going? 

I should be cleaning up all the messes that I've made today, but instead I thought I'd take a few pictures and share with you a few with you.

Today, I...

Am loving these sweet little baby fingers.  The joy of a simple light switch!

Am thankful for amoxicillin to take care of ear infections.

Wish Home Depot wasn't one hour away.

Love RescueBots on Netflix.

Am using fresh baked bread as an air freshener.   

Better get back to work! 

Have a great long weekend!


  1. Sorry your Home Depot is far away. :-( I guess I probably shouldn't tell you how close ours is. Lowe's is even closer and I can actually see it from my bedroom window (since we are kind of on a hill). Though your views up there from your town are pretty darn good, I must say.

    We have had the sickies here this week, too. My three-year-old has strep throat; our first encounter with the stuff. We got her some antibiotics yesterday and it's such a HUGE difference in the way she feels! She spent three days parked on the couch (thankful for Backyardigans here) but today she was up and playing with her brothers! Hooray! Hope everyone is on the mend soon at your house!


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