Mommy Tip: How We Eat Yogurt

My kids love yogurt.  When one of my boys was little, he would stick his fingers in the top of a yogurt cup while we were grocery shopping.  By the time we got to the checkout he'd eaten half of it with his fingers.  I'm sure the cashiers loved ringing up a half eaten yogurt, but at least we were happy.  Those messy shopping trips inspired me with this idea.

Don't eat yogurt with a spoon.  Drink it with a straw!

We've been "drinking" yogurt for years now.  

This works perfectly for my one year old.  With a little supervision, he can drink a lot of yogurt.  When he's done drinking he tries to play with the straw, but I take the yogurt away and there is no mess.

We still love our EZ pouches that I blogged about last month (refillable pouches) and fill them with yogurt occasionally.  The drinking with a straw method eliminates the step of filling the pouch. 

Either way...we love drinking yogurt at our house!   How do you eat your yogurt?