Week 258 Menu

Hi friends!  Can you believe that Christmas is in two days?  I kind of like that we had less time between Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I guess I'm like a kid and have a hard time waiting for Christmas to come.  :)

Last week was really great and pretty busy.

My little baby guy turned one!  We made him  #1 cake.  He enjoyed picking the frosting off of his end of the cake and licking his fingers.

One of sweet friends and her two beautiful daughters were baptized this weekend and are now members of my church (well, not "my church" - it's really Christ's church).  It was such a neat experience! 

We watched Blackbeard's Ghost last night as a family.  If you haven't seen it, you should see it!  It's a Disney movie made in 1968.  I saw it when I was little, but I couldn't remember anything abou tit.  My kids thought they would be scared (they get scared easily!), but they loved it and thought it was funny.
 Blackbeard's Ghost (1968) Poster

I've done a little bit of holiday baking, but not much.  I made chocolate crinkles a few weeks ago.  My kids helped me make chocolate covered peanut clusters last night (and they keep disappearing out of the fridge).  And I made a huge bowl full of caramel popcorn over the weekend to share.
I still want to make some easy microwave peanut brittle, sugar cookies, and Greek powdered sugar cookies.

Tomorrow I'll make some cinnamon rolls and then let them rise in the fridge over night, so they're ready to bake Christmas morning. 

Menu time...

Monday:  roast beef sandwiches on french bread (from leftover perfect pot roast from yesterday)

Tuesday:  orange chicken and cookies for Santa

Wednesday (Christmas!):  ham, potatoes (probably funeral potatoes), cloud light cresent rolls, salad, mandarin orange jello salad

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Saturday: easy night

Sunday: lasagna

What are you making this week?

What do you like to make for Christmas dinner?  We're kind of in a ham and funeral potatoes rut, but that's what the kids wanted this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas!