Week 257 Menu

Hi friends!  I wish I could share these yummy chocolate crinkles with you!  My sister-in-law, Annelisa, reminded me of them.  Everything she makes is yummy.  My nine year old daughter whipped these up yesterday for our Sunday dessert and they are delicious!  I may have had some for breakfast...and maybe lunch...and dinner.  They're small, so it's not that bad, right?  Ha!

My little guy stole a chocolate crinkle while I was snapping a picture.  I let him have a few bites.  You can tell he's my fourth kid.  I'm not too worried about a little sugar.  Maybe I should be...

Are you ready for Christmas?  I think I almost am.  I've totally simplified this year and bought most things online and haven't made hardly any gifts.  I think I'll be able to relax and enjoy this next week before Christmas.

Also this week is my baby's first birthday!  Crazy!  So, we'll be making a #1 cake, probably like this one.

All right...menu time:

Monday:  teriyaki burgers (I was happy to have found them while digging through my freezer yesterday  - from my freezer stash)

Tuesday: cafe rio pork tacos (pork also from freezer)

Wednesday:  Italian meatball soup

Thursday: mini lasagna cups

Friday:  honey lime enchiladas

Saturday: Italian chicken sausage pasta

Sunday:  perfect pot roast, potatoes, gravy, one hour rolls , etc.

What are you making this week?