Week 256 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!

Here's a few of my random thoughts on a Monday. 

*  I'm enjoying our very simply decorated tree this year.  It's covered with a hodge-podge of decorations, most of which are not breakable, so they are safe from little baby guy.  My kids move them around wherever they want.  I'm not too bothered about it.  I'm all about simplifying this month!  

*  Living in Hawaii would be nice.  I'm not a huge fan of the cold temperatures and snow that we've been having.  Brrr!  Maybe a cute pair of boots would make me a fan of cold.

*  I finally joined Amazon Prime!  I love it!  I'm getting most of my Christmas shopping done online now thanks to Prime and my Target Redcard.

*  I made one of my favorite soups of all time for dinner last night, Creamy Chicken & Mushroom.  Can't wait for lunch to finish up the leftovers.  Yum!

*  I made one of my favorite treats for a cookie exchange last week, Seven Layer Bars.  Yum!  I remember why I only make them when I'm taking them somewhere.  Delicious and addictive!

*  Everyone in my family, even the baby, has had the stomach flu during the last three weeks.  My apologies to everyone that my family has unintentionally infected!  I hate the stomach flu.  It seems like you always come down with it right after you say "I think we're all healthy," and have friends over for the day or spent a lot of time with other people.  Ugh!  I'll be glad to be done with buying gatorade and saltine crackers. 

Time to menu plan...

Monday:  grilled BBQ Caesar chicken, rice, veggies

Tuesday:  chicken tetrazinni,

Wednesday: quick french dip pitas

Thursday: sausage and potatoes

Friday:  Christmas dinner at the church

Saturday:  orange chicken

Sunday:  marinated steak, fried potatoes, veggies

What are you making for dinner this week?


Just for fun, check out my menus from:


  1. Sorry I'm not organized enough this week to post a menu, but I just have to say how cute that sweet baby is!

  2. Okay, it took me to Tuesday to get my act together :) Here's my menu for the week! Our Christmas tree is a hodgepodge of ornaments too and they are in different places every day! Haha!

    Mon: We had orange chicken and chicken fried rice
    Tues: We had spaghetti and meatballs, caesar salad
    Wed: Baked Potato Bar w/ broccoli cheese topping
    Thurs: Chicken, Bacon, Artichoke Bake
    Fri: YW board party at my house
    Sat: Ward Christmas Dinner
    Sun: Honey Lime Chicken Enchiladas, black beans, rice

  3. Alright Jenny, I have planned a menu! I usually go from Wednesday to Wednesday because that is the best ad shopping day here, but I added a few extra days so I can go shopping closer to Christmas. Anyway, here it is

    11Wed--chicken sandwiches
    12Thursday--taco soup, corn muffins
    15Sunday--roasted Veggies (pots, sweet pots, broccoli/cauliflower, BLTs
    16Monday--Italian meatball soup, five minute bread
    17Tuesday--teriyaki chicken stir-fry
    18Wednesday--honey lime chicken enchiladas
    19Thursday--chicken quinoa stew


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