Simple Holiday Teacher Gift

 Are you like me and are just thinking about gifts for your kid's teachers and other helpers at school?  I like to give them a "treat" gift along with something else for the holidays.  This year we're keeping it simple and not making homemade treats.

This year my kids are giving them minty gifts, which hopefully they'll like.  At least they won't have to eat them right away, like homemade treats.

These were super easy to make.

We filled clear plastic treat bags with some mints.  Then I cut the top half off of the treat bag.

We printed out notes for each teacher.  Then glued them onto some scrapbook paper and folded it over so there the backside is shorter.  (Then you can really see those mints).  Here's a printable version of the note.  

Then we stapled the note and scrapbook paper to the treat bag.

A couple of hole punches and a raffia bow.  And done!

What are your easy teacher gift ideas?