Week 253 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  I went to my daughter's very first swim meet.  It was really fun and a new adventure for all of us.  I'm sure we'll have many more swim meets in our future. 

Thanks to Kylie, Megan, Beth & Julia for sharing your menus last week.  You ladies are fabulous!

All right...getting down to business.  Menu time!   Hopefully we have better luck with dinner this week.  Last week I actually burned dinner!  That doesn't ever happen.  I had to make pancakes instead of our burned crockpot chicken stroganoff.  Ugh! 

Monday: beef and barley soup

Tuesday:  crockpot ranch pork chops, mashed potatoes

Wednesday: fajitas

Thursday: taco salad

Friday: taquitos

Saturday:  potstickers, fried rice

Sunday:  baked potato soup

What are you making for dinner this week?


Just for fun, check out my menus from: