Week 249 Menu

Hi friends!  It's Monday again!  I was wishing this morning that it was a holiday like last Monday.  It's nice to have an extra day to catch up on things after the weekend.  Oh well.  It's going to be a good week this week.  Crazy.  Busy.  Good. 

My little baby guy is officially crawling and all over the place.  It's so fun to see where his little 10-month-old mind wants him to go.  He hasn't eaten any legos or stuck his hands in the toilet yet, so I guess we're doing ok.

It was my hubby's birthday last week.  I made him peach pie for his birthday "cake".  It is one of my favorite desserts.  My mother-in-law still makes the best peach pie, but mine is getting pretty close.  Yum!  I wish I still had some, so I could eat it for breakfast.  It's fruit, so that's ok.  Right?

Menu time...

Monday: parmesan chicken, baked potatoes (freshly dug from our garden), salad w/homemade ranch dressing

Tuesday:  French dip pitas with leftover perfect pot roast, homemade tortilla chips and salsa

Wednesday: dan dan noodles, salad with baked wontons and sesame dressing

Thursday: crockpot tamale pie

Friday:  pepperoni bread and veggies

Saturday: pancakes

Sunday:  crockpot BBQ pork on pretzel rolls

What are YOU making this week? 

Just for fun, check out my menus from one year ago, two years ago, three years ago, four years ago, five years ago.


  1. So after last week of not cooking one actual meal that I had planned (other than the ward chili dinner), I am ready to cook! I let Alex and my kids pick a lot of the menu this week since they had to endure a crazy busy week of turkey sandwiches and cold cereal. Anyway, I'm one for one so far this week so hopefully I can keep that streak alive for following my menu plan.

    Mon: Sausage and Peppers, caesar salad
    Tues: Philly Cheese steaks, oven fries
    Wed: Bruschetta Chicken Pasta
    Thurs: eating at our friends house
    Fri: Mummy dogs (for after trick or treat mainstreet)
    Sat: Leftovers
    Sun: Chicken and Wild rice soup, homemade french bread


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