Week 247 Menu

Happy Monday everyone!  This weekend was very nice and relaxing.  We got to stay home and watch General Conference instead of going to church yesterday. 

We celebrated Conference weekend by making crepes for breakfast.  I don't make them very often because it takes so long for me to cook enough to fill up my family.  My seven year old woke me up yesterday and said, "Can you make them now, Mom?"  Nothing like a little nutella filled crepe for breakfast.  Actually, my favorite way to fill a crepe is a little nutella, peanut butter and banana.  Yum!

I loved popping my last chicken pot pie from my freezer stash into the oven and having a yummy dinner without dirtying tons of dishes.  Someday soon I'll post about my stash of freezer meals.

To top off our sugar filled day yesterday, we made brownie pudding for dessert.  Have you ever had brownie pudding?  It's a fun recipe to make with kids.  Actually, my daughter made it by herself.  After it's baked it looks like a brownie on top, but underneath the brownie crust is yummy, chocolate pudding.  Perfect with vanilla ice cream.

My baby is starting to really crawl (instead of scooting backwards) and is cutting his first teeth.  I've forgotten about the joys of teething (and how it keeps babies up at night).

Menu time...

Monday:  Swedish meatballs (prepped and ready to be cooked in the freezer), steamed potatoes from my garden w/IKEA gravy

Tuesday:  pizza, maybe this BBQ Chicken pizza again

Wednesday: tacos

Thursday: BBQ chicken tinfoil dinners (from freezer)

Friday: hashbrown, sausage, egg bake

Saturday: orange chicken, rice, steamed veggies

Sunday:  bistro chicken, garlic mashed potatoes

What are you making this week?  Have a great week!