Week 245 Menu

Hi friends!  Happy Monday!

Making this short and sweet today.  I've got a baby crawling all over my lap and my four year old begging for his 15 minutes of computer time.  Thank goodness for the "undo" button!

I'll be posting my handouts from the  preparedness fair this past weekend tomorrow.  The recipe for homemade granola bars will be posted soon too!

Menu time...

Monday:  BBQ chicken pizza

Tuesday: café rio pork tacos

Wednesday: turkey, swiss, avocado sandwiches on Macaroni Grill rosemary bread

 Thursday: chicken tortellini soup, easy French bread

Friday: broiled parmesan tilapia, orzo pilaf

Saturday: easy night

Sunday: crockpot ranch pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes

I can't wait to eat more of these divine macadamia nut cookies that we made last night.  Yum!

What are you making this week?


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  2. So glad that I already have dinner in the crock pot! The babies are on one and I have two extra kids here today too! I also made a double batch of dinner so I can freeze some like I learned at the preparedness fair ;)

    Mon: Southwest Chicken Wraps (I didn't get to them yesterday)
    Tues: Curry Chicken and rice
    Wed: Crock pot soup, grilled cheese
    Thurs: Grilled sausage on a bun, potato wedges, cottage cheese
    Fri: Spinach Ravioli
    Sat: Leftovers
    Sun: Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, carrots


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