Week 244 Menu

Hi everyone!

So much going on right now that I'd love to post about, all the rain we've been having, eating the first bits of fresh veggies from my garden, etc.  But for now, I'll just stick with my menu.

Monday:  Waikiki meatballs, steamed rice, veggies

Tuesday:  broccoli cheese soup, French bread

Wednesday: spaghetti, one hour breadsticks

Thursday: honey lime enchiladas

Friday: pizza, maybe BBQ chicken pizza

Saturday:  easy night

Sunday:  to be determined...later

What are you making this week?  It's almost Wednesday, so you've probably already planned your menu, right?  If you have, feel free to share!

P.S.  If you're a local friend, you should come to the community preparedness fair this Saturday.  I'm in charge of a booth about menu planning and cooking from scratch.  More importantly, I'll be making homemade granola bars to pass out for samples.  Yum!  If you haven't heard about it, leave me a comment and I'll send you more info. 


  1. Yay! I'm glad you posted. I actually got my plan together on time and made it to the store this week so I was ready to post :) And I'm excited to try your homemade granola bars on Saturday!

    Mon: Santa Fe Chicken Bake, spanish rice
    Tues: Make your own pizza
    Wed: Crock Pot Veggie Bean soup, garlic bread
    Thurs: Baked Potato Bar, Green Salad
    Fri: Date night (Kids will have a freezer meal)
    Sat: Leftovers
    Sun: Southwest Chicken Chicken wraps, spinach salad

  2. M: taco casserole
    T: spaghetti, veggies from my neighbor's garden (yum!), garlic bread
    W: breakfast burritos
    Th: chicken broccoli casserole
    F: SW chicken wraps (the elders are coming for dinner)
    Sa: sloppy joes? Or leftovers
    Su: Hawaiian haystacks

  3. Good luck with your booth! That's awesome!


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