Week 242 Menu

Hi friends!  How is it already Wednesday? 

I feel so scatterbrained!  Am I the only one wading through piles of homework and papers from school, trying to figure out soccer and swimming schedules, piano lesson schedules, piano practicing times, etc. etc. etc.?  Throw planning and preparing meals and grocery shopping in there, plus four kids, one of whom loves to be nursed and spoon fed, and it makes for one slightly overwhelmed and behind mom! 

I have been feeling not very organized because I haven't planned my menu this week yet.  I went grocery shopping yesterday, and have a freezer full of food, but I'm still not sure what I'm making for dinner tonight.

So, menu planning time it is...

we had homemade pizza

we had leftover perfect pot roast made into French dip sandwiches (I used pita pockets instead of bread and I loved them!  I tucked the roast into the pitas, with some green chilies and swiss cheese and warmed them in the oven.  My new favorite!)
quick salsa w/homemade tortilla chips

BBQ chicken tinfoil dinners (from the freezer - I prepped these and froze them a few weeks ago) - I'm putting them into a small rectangular cooler when they are hot and taking them to eat on the go at soccer practice tonight

porcupine meatballs (cooked, then set on warm in the crockpot until dinnertime)
rice (cooked in rice cooker starting on the timer)

grill hotdogs
quick salsa w/homemade tortilla chips

easy night or something from the freezer (maybe one of my special freezer meals that I'm hoarding)

Fauxtisserie chicken
mashed potatoes and gravy
one hour rolls

What about you?  What are you making this week?  What are your go to meals when you have to eat and run?  Or when your family is eating at three different times?  Or when you have to take dinner with you and eat at the park?



  1. I hear you! I feel like I don't have much going on (the kids are walking themselves to and from school, and we've cut out all activities except Cub Scouts) but I still feel overwhelmed, like I will never be on top of things again. Maybe it's having a baby that does that.

    The French dip in pitas sounds yummy! Good idea!

    Here's what we've been eating and plan to eat:

    M: breakfast burritos (my husband made them!)
    T: pizza pasta
    W: slow-cooker Hawaiian meatballs on rice (recipe from Six Sisters Stuff -- it was easy and yummy!)
    Th: sloppy joes and baked potato wedges
    F: homemade pizza
    Sa: stake conference - easy for the kids and then N and I are eating after the adult session
    Su: chicken enchilada pasta


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