All I Know About Menu Planning and Cooking From Scratch

As I mentioned last week, I had a booth at a community preparedness fair that was sponsored by my church.  My sweet friend, Julia, sat with me and helped me talk with the people visiting our booth about how cooking from scratch and menu planning helps you be self reliant and prepared.

Julia was a good booth partner.  She thought of the cute things...the menu signs, cute tablecloth, cute platter for our samples, etc.  Glad I asked her to help... :)  I should have taken a picture. 

We gave out samples of homemade granola bars.  People seemed to enjoy them. 

I'm just copying and pasting my handouts for your reading enjoyment.  Here's everything that I've learned about menu planning from posting my menus every week for the last six years.

I'll try to share the homemade granola bar recipe on Wednesday.  Super yummy! 

I also had a handout with the granola bar recipe and the recipe for my family's favorite pancake mix that I keep in my freezer.  We eat these pancakes often for breakfast and dinner.